HDR 70


Hard Drive Recorder for HD/SD-SDI - Rack-Mounted Recorder

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HDR-70 DATAVIDEO - Hard Drive Recorder for HD/SD-SDI - Rack-Mounted Recorder

Datavideo’s HDR-70 is a hard drive based video recorder, with removable hard drive enclosure, designed for studio desktop applications. The HDR-70 records from both High and Standard Definition video equipment via HD/SD-SDI. The HDR-70 comes with a 320GB HDD and a removable hard drive enclosure. One additional enclosure is included, if you would like to purchase another HDD. And the HDR-70 is compatible with SSD drives. Once you have completed your recording, simply eject the hard drive enclosure and use USB 2.0 to connect to a PC or MAC based NLE system. The USB port provides power to the unit. It’s perfect for use with laptops in the field. You can work directly from the removable drive, or copy video files to your NLE’s video drives.


  • Inputs: 1x HD/SD-SDI
  • Supported Input Resolutions: 1080p(23.976, 24) 1080i(50, 59.94, 60), 720p(50, 59.94, 60), 576i, 480i
  • Outputs: 1x HD/SD-SDI, 1x HDMI


  • Inputs: 2x Balanced XLR (Analog Stereo Pair 2-Channels)
  • Outputs: 2x Balanced XLR (Stereo Pair 2-Channels)
  • Embedding: Stereo Audio embedded to HD/SD-SDI (8-Channels) and HDMI (4-Channels) outputs and to saved file
  • Recording Format: PCM 24-bits / 8-Channels / 48KHz Sampling Rate

Loop Through

  • 1x HD/SD-SDI


  • USB & SATA

Saved File

  • MXF OP1A
  • MOV (currently unsupported in Adobe Premier CC)

Color Sampling

  • HD (35-125Mbps): 4:2:2
  • HD (10-25Mbps): 4:2:0
  • SD (15-50Mbps): 4:2:2
  • SD (8Mbps): 4:2:0

Available Recording Formats (MXF or MOV)

  • HD Formats
4:2:0 10M Long GOP
4:2:0 25M Long GOP
4:2:2 35M Long GOP
4:2:2 50M Long GOP
4:2:2 65M Long GOP
4:2:2 120M Long GOP
4:2:2 100M I-Only (IFRAME)
4:2:2 125M I-Only (IFRAME)
  • SD Formats
4:2:0 8M Long GOP
4:2:2 15M Long GOP
4:2:2 30M Long GOP
4:2:2 50M Long GOP
4:2:2 25M I-Only (IFRAME)
4:2:2 50M I-Only (I

What’s in the Box

  • HDR-70 Recorder
  • Additional Empty HD Enclosure
  • Power Adapter & Cable (DC 12V 1.5A 110/220)
  • Instruction Manual
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HDR 70
HDR 70

Hard Drive Recorder for HD/SD-SDI - Rack-Mounted Recorder

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