Pack 3 PTZ 3G-SDI avec Controleur PBS Zoomer

Pack 3 PTZ 3G-SDI avec Controleur


Pack 3 tourelles, 1 Pupitre de commande PTZJOY7

  • 3 Camera PTZ Full HD Zoom
    - optique x20 - capteur Sony - Sorties SDI-HDMI et USB2 - Encodeur stream H264/H265 - POE
  • 1 Pupitre de commande PTZJOY7
    - Visca IP - NDI - Fonction Preview

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3 409,76 € HT

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Pack 3 tourelles Full HD

Spécification :

  • Sorties Video 3G SDI /HDMI / USB
  • Encodeur H264/H265 intégré
  • Rotation super silencieuse
  • Zoom optique X20
  • Protocole de commande VISCA IP
  • Capteur Sony 1/2.8"
  • Angle 58.7 degrés
  • POE


  • 4D precise Joystick+3D knobs+ergonomic zoom button:
  • Camera parameters control such as white balance, exposure, focus and zoom etc.
  • Built-in 3-inch color screen:
  • Support real-time PVW of current camera viewing through up streaming ( RTSP only).
  • Support 7 cameras selection shortcuts:
  • 7 camera shortcuts can be set quickly according to requirements; Up to 1000 cameras information can be saved.
  • Newly upgraded UI operation interface:
  • Display main parameters of cameras directly, personalize stylish interface casually.
  • Remote control of PTZ camera menu:
  • Open camera’s menu quickly and combine PVW screen or image screen to control.
  • * This function is recommended to be used with our camera.
  • White and red backlight silicone buttons:
  • High-quality silicone, excellent touch, support white and red backlight so it can be operated smoothly in a low-light environment; support letters and common characters input and other operations such as editing camera’s name and address.
  • Support buttons lock via one click: Lock buttons via one click to avoid misoperation.
  • Multiple control protocols, apply to abundant venues: Support VISCA、VISCA Over IP、VISCA TCP、PELCO P/D、Onvif support automatic protocol recognition.
  • Abundant interfaces, multiple connection methods: External RS-232, RS422/485 serial port and RJ45 network interface. The network interface supports
  • POE function, thereby reducing wiring trouble.
  • External tally interface: Support up to 8 tally channels.
  • Support customizable buttons: Support customizable buttons F1, F2, can set the best operation function according to requirement.

Sorties HDMI + SDI
Protocole Visca Oui
Type Optique Zoom optique x16 à x20
Streaming direct H264 + H265