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 7.2V-12V converter for Sony NPF batteries

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Coco-DVl Bebob - 7.2V-12V converter for Sony NPF batteries

 Coco-DVL is designed to be used with the Sony VX-2000/2100, DSR-PD 150/170, HVR-FX1/7, HDV-Z1E/V1E, and all cameras using Sony NPF batteries.

  The Coco-dvl is designed to output a steady 15 W (20 W max. power) at 12V, this is enough for LCD monitor, Video transmitter or camera light with 10 W bulb. It is also possible to use a 20 W bulb as long as the camera light is dimmable or a disposal Softstart® electronics. When you switch on a 20W bulb there is a start-up peak which will overload the built-in fuse of most batteries. 
 The 7,2V voltage of the battery, also the Infolithium®-information will passed through the Coco to camera. Another 8,4V Output (4pin Hirose connector) was designed to supply wireless mic receivers.The built-in voltage converter supplies, via Twist D-Tag output 12 V power for a camera light or an external LCD monitor. The match connector is a very normal D-Tap.

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Coco DVL
Coco DVL

 7.2V-12V converter for Sony NPF batteries

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