Video Slider ES-90 Carbon Fiber 90cm (35")

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ES-90 E-Image - Video Slider ES-90 Carbon Fiber 90cm (35")

E-image slider adopts durable and lightweight carbon-fiber rails,and it comes with a weighted flywheel attaches to the end of the slider, providing a handle for smooth and precise hand-cranked slides, even at slow speeds. The carriage features a 3/8'' screw for compatibility with most tripod heads.

  1. The unique dual rail system provides easy to adjust and precise solution for slide tracking.
  2. Top grade Japanese silent bearing.
  3. Quick assemble and dissemble design offers compact use and easy for maintenance.
  4. Multiple 1/4,3/8 mounting holes, light stand and tripod mount.
  5. 100% high quality 16 layers carton fiber of knitting technique, offers the best stability.

Adjustable counterweight damping structure offers perfect stability for all purposes.
Precise CNC machined structure offfers solid structure and smooth operation.
Unit equipped high precision and top grade Germany gear drive belt unit.

  • E-Image's ES-90 is a 35" slider supporting up to 15 lb payloads in multiple modes of operation.
  • It features a flywheel belt-drive system offering adjustable resistance via a squeeze mechanism at the top of the flywheel.
  • It also supports the use of an included crank, and can be used the traditional way upon removal of the flywheel.
  • There are standard 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 tripod threads on the bottom and a 5/8" stand mount receiver on each end that allows mounting on C-stands and baby stands so you can set the slider at various heights.
  • The included outrigger feet are individually adjustable, so you can level the slider evenly on different surfaces.
  • The camera mounting platform is a large 5 x 5" and has a bubble level, and the tripod mount plate (underneath the rails) is even larger at 5 x 6", allowing for sturdier tripod mounting.
  • The slider also supports an optional motion control accessory that will let you take advantage of the smooth belt drive for time-lapse shooting.
  • 35" slider supporting up to 15 lb/ 7kg payloads
  • Flywheel belt-drive system
  • Adjustable resistance
  • 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 tripod threads
  • 5/8" stand mount receivers for C-stands and baby stands
  • Individually adjustable outrigger feet
  • 5 x 5" mounting surface with a bubble level
  • Supports optional motion control accessory
  • Sealed-bearing wheel design
  • 12 sealed bearings help smoothly distribute weight and minimize movement tolerances
  • Adjustable rollers help minimize lateral movement for heavier rigs
  • 4kg self-weight

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Video Slider ES-90 Carbon Fiber 90cm (35")

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