ATEM Camera Converter

Blackmagic Design

Get your cameras close to the action with tally and talkback.

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ATEM Camera Converter Blackmagic Design - Get your cameras close to the action with tally and talkback.

ATEM Camera Converter ATEM Studio Converter and are designed to be used at each end with a direct link to the camera. Now you can easily connect cameras to production switchers , even when they are distant by enormous distances. Each converter has been designed for maximum ease the ability to connect to cameras with video , audio, talkback and tally . ATEM Camera Converter converter , powered by a battery, is located on the camera and is designed to be used in remote locations. ATEM Studio Converter The converter has a rack unit containing all connections integrated into the unit design.

Design ATEM Camera Converter converters is lightweight and has an incredible strength. The precision chassis accommodates electronic art equipment and video connectors are recessed for added protection . Rubber feet grip included on the bottom of the unit to improve comfort when using the ATEM Camera Converter converter on a desk, and a belt clip can also machined êtreattaché . The design of the rack unit ATEM Studio Converter converter has an elegant aluminum front panel with buttons talkback and connections microphone and headphones. Has an integrated volume control so that you can monitor talkback channels in an environment control room speaker.

ATEM Camera Converter ATEM Studio Converter and connect together using a single mode optical fiber connection that can stretch up to 28 miles away. ATEM Camera Converter The converter is designed for mobile use and features an internal rechargeable battery , and all the necessary connections to send video , audio and talkback via fiber optic link. ATEM Studio Converter The converter is designed to fit your rack unit and contains 4 separate optical fiber connections . The fiber optic signal is converted into SDI video and analog audio outputs to connect each camera to your switch. Records with talkback and tally sent to each connected camera.

Controls ATEM Camera Converter converter is ideally located along a rubber band buttons on one side of the device. LED indicators show the remaining battery power and confirm that the fiber optics and video signals are present. The on / off button of the device must be pressed and held for 2 seconds to ensure that the device is not accidentally turned off during use. Light buttons " push to talk " are on the front ATEM Studio Converter converter and facilitate operations talkback between cameras if there are several. They can thus be locked the talk channel is left open when needed .

ATEM Camera Converter as the Converter is designed to be used in remote locations , it includes a built-in rechargeable battery that provides more than 3 hours of power . With a wide range of 12 - 31V power , you can use an external battery to power the unit if necessary, if no power source is available.

You can connect a HDMI or SDI camera entries ATEM Camera Converter integrated . The audio from the microphone board is incorporated in a camera signal unless the external audio inputs are connected . Also, you have connections microphone and headphones and you can use either headphones professional noise reduction or even iPhone headphones! ATEM Studio Converter The converter has 4 connections bidirectional optical fiber. Each connection converts the camera signal input SDI and extract any audio to analog audio outputs. The audio talkback and return program or an auxiliary record is returned for each point camera and a tally signal that illuminates an LED on the converter to the camera to indicate that the camera is live.

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  • integrated Design
  • Robust Design Métalique: Engineered Lightweight and Durable 
  • Perfect for live productions 
  • Ergonomic Controls: Control of all parameters and talkback from the front panel 
  • Long battery life: Duration 3 hours 
  • The best quality in the world for connections: A recessed for SDI or HDMI connectors design allows to protect hazards
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ATEM Camera Converter
ATEM Camera Converter
Blackmagic Design

Get your cameras close to the action with tally and talkback.

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