Supercardioid directional shotgun microphone

  • Built-in windscreen and internal suspension to minimize handling noise
  • Built-in low-cut filter and 3-level sensitivity switch
  • Headphone output jack
  • Interchangeable TRS and 3.5 mm TRS mini-jacks

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Ex demo product

Focus your sound

The MKE 400 has a supercardioid polar pattern enhanced with an interference tube, which brings focus and detail while rejecting unwanted background noise. Ideal for video bloggers and videographers, this highly directional microphone will enhance your sound and give your recordings presence and clarity.

Record with confidence

All handheld cameras are sensitive to handling noise, so the MKE 400 has built-in wind protection and shock absorption. This combination ensures the cleanest possible audio recordings when shooting moving video. Attach the included furry windscreen for maximum protection against wind when outdoors.

Versatile by design

In today's world, your video recording is probably not limited to one device, and neither is your microphone. Each MKE 400 includes cables with lockable 3.5mm TRS and TRRS connectors for use with SLR and mirrorless cameras or mobile devices.

Adapt to the situation

Let's face it, poor acoustic environments are almost inevitable when travelling or shooting on location. That's why the MKE 400 is equipped with a low-cut filter and a 3-step gain sensitivity switch. Use the low-cut filter to eliminate problematic low-frequency wind or rumbling noises and adjust your gain sensitivity to optimise recording levels in any environment.

Before you start shooting

One of the most important steps in recording audio is to check your levels and monitor your sound. Some cameras have a headphone jack, but not all, and that's where the monitor output comes in. Plug a pair of 3.5mm mini-jack headphones directly into the MKE 400 and use the built-in volume control to adjust your recordings.


  • Microphone on camera MKE 400
  • TRS coiled cable - TRS 3.5 mm locking
  • TRS coiled cable - TRRS 3.5 mm locking
  • Furry windscreen for MKE 400
  • Lanyard pouch
  • Handling Guide