BP 02B


Bridge plate

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BP-02B LanParte - Bridge plate

  • Height adjustment function
  • Dovetail lock design
  • Streamlined knob
  • Quick release plate, built in 1/4,3/8 screw holder&spirit level under the bottom of the baseplate
  • Hollow out design save 1/3 weight
  • Adjustable height (4cm/1.6" tolerance
  • Inclusive Quick Release Plate    Standard 1/4" and 3/8" threads, fits any tripod and camera
  • Integrated water balance bulb
  • Height adjustment Function
  • The baseplate can be used with any tripod thanks to it's 1/4" and 3/8" screw threads. The rod support can be height-adjusted on each side seperately or all-together for adjusting camera position to a mattebox

Item :

1X baseplate
1X 300mm AL rod(1 pair)
2X rod extention screwsSpecifications:

  • The upgraded height adjustable baseplate
  • With quick realease function
  • 1x Lanparte Standard Baseplate
  • 2x 30cm aluminium rod (15mm)
  • 2x Rod connecting screw
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BP 02B
BP 02B

Bridge plate

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