• 24.1-megapixel stacked back-illuminated CMOS sensor
  • Burst rate of 30 fps.
  • ISO 102,400 maximum
  • Ultra-fast shutter speed
  • 5-axis image stabilizer
  • Eye Control Autofocus
  • Subject tracking
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • 6K RAW
  • LCD screen / Electronic viewfinder
  • 4K 120p

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The EOS R3 is designed to capture the fastest action. Designed to capture fast-moving subjects and meet the demands of professional photographers with responsiveness, sensitivity, reliability and ruggedness.

This camera that lets you shoot sports, wildlife and news in a way you've never done before. Identify subjects at a glance, a truly intuitive experience, and stay ahead of the competition with 30fps continuous shooting and advanced connectivity, allowing you to deliver your images in record time.

With a Canon-developed 24.1-megapixel stacked back-illuminated CMOS sensor, the EOS R3 delivers blazing-fast image acquisition with exceptional responsiveness. This sensor significantly reduces the usual rolling shutter distortion, and with its ultra-fast shutter speed of up to 1/64,000 second, it opens up new opportunities for photographers to capture the fastest subjects. With the electronic shutter, they can also shoot at 30 fps with AF tracking, even when recording RAW files. The electronic shutter can also be used for flash photography with Canon Speedlites and third-party flashes.

Capable of focusing in 0.03 seconds, the EOS R3 is the fastest EOS R series camera to date. The EOS R3 features an improved deep learning algorithm, offering AF tracking including eye, body and head detection of humans and animals in both stills and video.

Canon has developed the EOS R3 with the ambition that it is also very suitable for motorsports photography and has therefore integrated an extremely elaborate vehicle tracking function that allows to detect and track motorcycles, cars, with the possibility to give priority to the vehicle or the rider with helmet detection. On the other hand, the EOS R3 sets a benchmark in sensitivity with its ability to focus in light conditions as low as -7.5 EV, making it one of the best performing hybrids in this field.

To optimize control of all these AF options, the EOS R3 offers three different methods for selecting AF areas:

  • the Intelligent Controller,
  • Multi-Controller
  • Eye AF control

This innovative and intuitive method of selecting which AF point to activate involves moving the AF area to where the photographer is looking. In fast-moving situations, this allows the camera to focus instinctively on the right spot by simply looking.

Equipped with the best innovations of the EOS R5 hybrid, the EOS R3 incorporates a 5-axis Image Stabilizer that can work in conjunction with the optical Image Stabilizer of the RF lenses to provide a higher level of stabilization with up to 8 stops.

Transmit faster and easier

For professional photographers who work primarily in the field, the challenge is not only how fast they can capture images, but also how quickly they can transmit their images to agencies or newsrooms. With a host of professional connectivity options including Bluetooth version 5.0 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi, the EOS R3 streamlines workflows and simplifies connecting to a smartphone or Wi-Fi network. Ideal for stadiums and large sports venues, the built-in Gigabit Ethernet port provides a high-speed wired connection. And for photographers already equipped with EOS R5 and EOS-1D X Mark III cameras, network settings can be shared among all three cameras.

Users of an EOS R3 can control their camera remotely from a mobile device through the Canon Camera Connect app or by using the Browser Remote feature. They will also be able to use the Canon Mobile File Transfer (MFT) app a mobile app for professional photographers to transfer their images via a 4G/5G device to an FTP/FTPS/SFTP server. A new smartphone support accessory for the EOS R3, the AD-P1 will allow users to mount their iOS or Android smartphone on the Multi-Function Shoe Adapter (the new accessory shoe for the EOS R3) and easily transmit images via the new MFT app. In addition, the Canon Camera Connect app will now allow the EOS R3's firmware to be updated via a smartphone: a first for an EOS camera.

Incredible video capabilities

Like the EOS R5, the EOS R3 responds to the demand of photographers and videographers to be able to record the action in both high quality stills and high resolution video. It offers powerful video capabilities including 6K RAW 60p recording. With 6K RAW CRM files, exposure and white balance can be corrected after the images are captured to ensure exceptional images. 4K footage up to 60p is upsampled from 6K, ensuring the highest possible 4K video quality. Ideal for fast-paced, dynamic sports footage, the EOS R3 also records 4K footage at 120p for dazzling 4K resolution slow motion. Up to 6 hours of standard video or 1.5 hours of 119.88/100p video can now be recorded.

To reduce file size and speed up video streams, RAW light or MP4 footage can be recorded in All-I, IPB or IPB light. This allows users to choose from a wide range of bit rates to meet their needs and storage requirements. The two memory card slots, one for UHS-II SD card and one for ultra high-speed CFexpress card, allow 6K RAW video recording and ensure the possibility to record in MP4, simultaneously on both cards to benefit from a security backup of important recordings. The famous Canon LOG 3 10-bit wide dynamic range or the HDR PQ 10-bit recording that minimizes the need for post-production color grading are both possible. A great advantage for the highly mobile reporter is the new multi-functional accessory shoe, which offers more options and security. It is also compatible with the all-new DM-E1D stereo directional microphone, a camera-powered directional microphone with digital audio signal processing, and the TEAC Tascam CA-XLR2d-C XLR adapter, which allows two-channel audio recording with professional XLR microphones.

For an instinctive shooting experience

Canon's hybrid features a new high-quality 5.76 million dot electronic viewfinder, developed by Canon, with no viewfinder blanking, low display inertia and a refresh rate of up to 120fps at full resolution. So many characteristics which enable him to compete with the best optical viewfinders of reflex. In this respect, the EOS R3 also benefits from an optical viewfinder simulation mode that allows its electronic viewfinder to display richer colors and enjoy a wider dynamic range.

The high-resolution, 4.1 million-dot, touch-sensitive LCD screen displays detail for optimal viewing quality and provides unparalleled flexibility and convenience when framing. Combining existing EOS ergonomics with new controls and a number of new customization options, the EOS R3 offers familiar, yet advanced control. To increase efficiency when switching between multiple cameras, photographers can easily copy and save custom settings to a memory card and then load them onto other cameras. Using the same LP-E19 battery as the EOS-1D X Mark II and EOS-1D X Mark III, the EOS R3 offers long shooting time and compatibility with other current professional SLR cameras.

The EOS R3 is based on an all-new, lightweight, one-piece magnesium alloy body that is dust and water resistant and suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions. This all-weather sealing is maintained when mounting a flash from the current Speedlite series to the new multi-function hot shoe via the new AD-E1 adapter. Another advantage is that the new compact Speedlite ST-E10 transmitter, which allows remote control of flashes without cables, is powered directly by the EOS R3 via this new multi-function hot shoe.

The EOS R3 is an ultra-fast, highly responsive hybrid camera that will give sports and reportage photographers the decisive edge they've been waiting for to make their quest for exceptional images even more successful.

Explosive speed at 30 fps
Enjoy a maximum shutter speed of 1/64,000s and 30fps burst mode shooting, with simultaneous auto exposure and auto focus tracking.

Master the motion
The EOS R3 captures fleeting moments at 30 fps, revealing details invisible to the naked eye.

Take a look. React. Respond
With our next-generation Eye Control autofocus technology, the EOS R3 focuses no matter what you're looking at.

Designed for movies
The EOS R3 is a professional hybrid camera capable of capturing cinematic, broadcast-quality video and stunning stills.

Designed for professionals
The EOS R3 is designed to meet the demands of everyday professional use and to cope with any situation.

Advanced Connectivity
The EOS R3 uses its wired LAN and 2.4/5 GHz connection to communicate with computer networks, laptops and mobile devices, making image sharing and remote camera control quick and easy.


  • EOS R3 body
  • Eyecup ER-h small
  • Accessory shoe cover (waterproof and dustproof)
  • Body cap R-F-5
  • Strap ER-L1
  • Battery charger LC-E19
  • Battery pack LP-E19
  • Battery cover
  • Power cable (EU)
  • IFC-100U interface cable (not essential)
  • IFC-100U interface cable protector
  • User's Manual (EU1)
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24.1-megapixel stacked back-illuminated CMOS sensor Burst rate of 30 fps. ISO 102,400 maximum Ultra-fast shutter speed 5-axis image stabilizer Eye Control Autofocus Subject tracking Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 6K RAW LCD screen / Electronic viewfinder 4K 120p

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