Blackmagic Cloud Store 20TB

Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Cloud Store 20TB

  • RAID 5 flash memory and local file ingestion/backup
  • Includes HDMI monitoring output (real-time storage status)
  • 4 x 10G Ethernet ports with built-in switch and sync to Dropbox
  • Ethernet connection via USB-C to computers
  • Utility software included for Mac and Windows, no user data tracking


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What you need to know about the Blackmagic Cloud Store 20TB:

  • High Performance Network Storage with Global Sync
  • Designed for Film and Television
  • Portable and Quiet Design
  • Flash Memory Allows Multiple Simultaneous Users
  • High Performance for Digital Film Files
  • Sync to Dropbox
  • Distribute Files Globally
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Redundant Design for Mission Critical Use
  • High Performance 10G Ethernet Switch
  • Connect via USB-C for Quick File Access
  • Supports Local Backup and Ingest via USB-C Disks
  • Repairable Design for Long Life
  • No Subscription Costs
  • Free Software for Mac and Windows
  • Perfect Multi Camera Video Production

High Performance Network Storage with Global Sync
Capable of handling large Hollywood feature film files (flash memory),
Files can be distributed around the world, allowing for very fast local access.
HDMI monitoring output (real-time storage status).

Designed for Film and Television
No latency and no need to store files locally.
Allows you to synchronize multiple drives from different locations.

Portable and Quiet Design

USB‑C Ingest
The USB-C ingest port will automatically load from any disk plugged in. It’s fully automatic and you simply plug in a USB media dock or a USB disk. Ethernet over USB is also supported on this port.

USB‑C Backup
This USB-C port will automatically backup cloud store files to any USB disk plugged into the port. It’s a low cost way to protect your critical files! Ethernet over USB is also supported on this port.

HDMI Monitor Output
The HDMI monitor output lets you see the status of your cloud store in real time. Simply plug in a TV or monitor. You can see a storage map, speed graphs, sync, active users and power status!

1G Ethernet
The two 1G Ethernet connections are provided for slower connections such as the internet or slower computers. They are part of the built in Ethernet switch and help keep the faster 10G ports free.

10G Ethernet
The 10G Ethernet ports allow 4 separate computers to be connected. That’s great for mobile use as the 10G Ethernet switch is built in! Plus all 4 connections can work together as a 40G Ethernet link!

AC Power
A standard IEC power socket is for connecting AC power. All international AC voltages are supported so you can use it globally. Plus there are 2 internal power supplies allowing full redundancy.

Flash Memory Allows Multiple Simultaneous Users
Available in 20 TB, 80 TB and 320 TB models
M.2 cards are arranged in parallel RAID 5 groups
You benefit from very high throughput and fault tolerance. If a faulty M.2 card is detected, the Cloud Store will automatically enter read-only mode

High Performance for Digital Film Files
At maximum speed, the Blackmagic Cloud Store remains extremely quiet, and its fan very quiet. Even when editing 12K RAW files. Multicam editing is also incredibly smooth, even with heavy digital cinema camera files!

Sync to Dropbox

Add Cloud Service
Make sure your Blackmagic Cloud Store is connected to the internet. Enter in your Dropbox account details, so the Cloud Store can get access to allow sync.

Set Sync Folders
Next you need to set the sync folders. That tells the Blackmagic Cloud Store where to sync its files to the remote Dropbox. You can have multiple sync folders for different jobs!

Set Sync Direction
Now set the sync direction. One direction is good when you have local files you want to share, but not enough room for everyone’s files. Both directions means everyone gets the same set of files.

Distribute Files Globally
You can synchronize files on a storage space to eliminate delays. That's because every user has a local copy of the files on their network. The Blackmagic Cloud Store constantly syncs files, even when your computer is turned off!

Real Time Monitoring

Usage Indicator
On the top left you can see the storage capacity indicator. The number on the left is the space used and the number on the right is the total memory capacity of the model of Blackmagic Cloud Store.

Cloud Store Name
You can give a custom name to the Blackmagic Cloud Store so you can identify it on the monitor display as well as the utility software. To change the name, just use the Blackmagic Cloud Store utility!

Storage Map
The storage map display shows a view of the memory core. The memory is divided into segments with reads in cyan and writes in orange. With lots of connected users, the display gets exciting to watch!

Cloud Sync Status
The cloud sync status shows each sync folder and its transfers to and from Dropbox. When new files appear in any sync folder, you can see the transfer status as they sync!

User Connections
You can see each of the connected users and the data transfers for each. However this list will move down if you have more cloud sync folders as the sync folder status is more important!

Cloud Store Status
The bottom left is the hardware status. This includes the power status for the two redundant power supplies. Plus if any memory card shows a fault, you can see the specific card to be replaced.

Speed Graphs
The lower part of the display has the data transfer graphs. It shows recent read and write speeds for each of the 10G Ethernet connections. It’s great for diagnosing Ethernet speeds on each port!

Redundant Design for Mission Critical Use
Stores files in a RAID 5 array of M.2 flash memory cards (data protection) with every 6th M.2 card used for parity. The parity card allows files to be rebuilt after an M.2 card has been replaced. The memory will apply a wear distribution to avoid excessive writing to the same place. Thanks to its 2 power supplies, it will continue to work even if one fails. All parts of the Blackmagic Cloud Store are repairable.

High Performance 10G Ethernet Switch
Each port can be connected to a separate computer, or they can operate together to provide 40G Ethernet. Ethernet provides very low latency for accessing files without delay. Two additional 1G Ethernet ports keep the 10G Ethernet ports free for connecting faster computers.

Connect via USB-C for Quick File Access
Built-in USB-C to Ethernet adapter (simply plug your computer into the USB-C port).
Ethernet connection to storage space.

Supports Local Backup and Ingest via USB-C Disks
The 2 USB-C ports can load and save files. If you connect a USB-C drive to the ingest port, its files will be uploaded to the Cloud Store.
You can make local backups at no cost and with complete privacy.
The latest files will be uploaded first and the Cloud Store will continue to backup as long as the drive is connected.

Repairable Design for Long Life
Easily repaired by a maintenance engineer. It consists of:
-main chassis with memory cards and power supplies.
-Memory core composed of M.2 cards (represented by an LED) arranged on printed circuit boards. Card faults can be visualized on the utility and HDMI monitoring output. It also allows you to reconstruct the data on the memory core once a card is replaced.

No Subscription Costs
You have full control over your private storage space (no fees)
The Cloud Store uses a free downloadable utility for Mac and Windows.
Manage a private network completely disconnected from the Internet.

Free Software for Mac and Windows
To change the settings, you can use the utility that will allow you to customize your network, add Dropbox synchronized folders and rebuild the data on the memory core. The Cloud Store is set to DHCP, which allows you to connect it to your network and start transferring files and plugs in like a standard hard drive.

Perfect Multi Camera Video Production
You can record studio cameras in the Cloud Store via HyperDeck Extreme! Each HyperDeck Extreme will register cameras directly to the Cloud Store.
Since this software is free, you can add as many users as you want. The HyperDeck Extreme can record in ProRes, H.265 or DNx video formats to the Cloud Store using the 10G Ethernet connection. You can even install an M.2 cache on the HyperDeck Extreme to handle the chaos created by multiple users editing simultaneously and recording a large number of cameras to the Cloud Store!

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