100m SDI Repeater (Powered)

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VP633 DATAVIDEO - 100m SDI Repeater (Powered)

  • Extend the capabilities of SDI cables
  • Upto 4 SDI Repeaters (1 x VP-633 plus 3 x VP-634) can be used in one chain, allowing runs of up to 1000m with good quality SDI cable
  • VP-633 can repeat SDI signal upto a further 200m (SDI Cable dependant, 3G 100m max between repeaters)
  • Add up to 3 x unpowered VP-634 for each additional 200m required (SDI Cable dependant)
  • 12v DC PSU Supplied
  • 3G, HD & SD-SDI Support

In the box:

  • Instruction Manual
  • 2-Year Warranty with Online Product Registration within 30 Days of Purchase
  • 1-Year Warranty without Registration
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100m SDI Repeater (Powered)

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