Professional SLR with 50.6 megapixels, 61 AF points

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EOS-5DS Canon - Professional EOS SLR with R 50.6 million pixels, 61 AF

Best DSLR with extraordinary detail and clarity

Digital SLR designed to provide outstanding image quality with resolution of 50.6 million pixels and without low-pass filter to optimize the sharpness of the sensor


  • Digital SLR, optimum clarity and resolution
  • Anticipate and react quickly
  • Impeccable clarity in any situation
  • Adapts to the way you work
  • Integrated functions to unleash your creativity

Capture the finest details

CMOS pixel full-frame sensor 50.6 million capture an extraordinary level of detail. The ultra-high resolution allows multiple cropping with ever stunning image quality. Even the modes built with 1.6 × 1.3 crop factor and create files x 30.5 and 19.6 megapixels, respectively.

improved clarity

The low pass filter cancellation maximizes clarity and sharpness with minimal artifacts risk. The 5DS R is therefore ideal for shooting outdoors or in the studio. However, for other applications, choose the EOS 5DS R.

Print art reproductions from A0

Print ultra-high resolution large images (A0 or more) with reduced noise, natural skin tones and accurate colors thanks to two high-performance DIGIC 6.

Mirror reduced vibration for maximum sharpness

The EOS Canon 5DS R uses the control system mirror vibrations to reduce the effect of movements within the unit and may reduce the sharpness and resolution. Cams allow better control of the rise and fall of the mirror, avoiding sudden stops and reducing the noise level of the trigger.

The images are processed quickly and very responsive camera, despite the volume of data captured by the 50.6 million pixel sensor, DIGIC processors 2 through 6. You capture all the action, with a resolution of 50, 6 million pixels to 5 microns. / s. USB 3.0 connectivity ensures rapid decision-high performance and allows for a remote control.

Autofocus 61-point wide area

The 61-point AF makes the quick and accurate focusing, even in low light. The 41 cross-type AF points, including 5 double crossover, offer increased accuracy.

Identification and monitoring of advanced topics

Technology development iTR autofocus (intelligent monitoring and recognition) of EOS detects and tracks subjects within the frame using information on colors and faces. The reactivity of AF can be customized with a simple tool that adjusts the following depending on the environment and subject. If other objects go briefly to the latter, the focus is not affected.

AF Point Selection

Use the 61 AF points together or divide them into zones to frame off-center subjects. You can also select one AF point for precise focusing on a part of the scene.

customizable controls

Customize camera settings and save your favorite functions for reuse.

Intelligent Viewfinder II

Enjoy bright images with 100% coverage (approximately) and customizable information. The cropping with 1.6x 1.3x factor and can be viewed in the viewfinder and recorded in JPEG format.

customizable screen

Change the type, size and position of icons in the Quick Control screen of the camera to find your favorite settings easily.

waterproof case

Keep shooting without worrying about environmental conditions thanks to resistant sealed orders to moisture and dust as well as tough magnesium alloy.

Two memory card slots

SD and CompactFlash slots to automatically backup the image at the time of capture: you share with your customers easily and have more storage.


  • Type: CMOS 24 × 36 mm
  • Effective pixels: Approximately 50.6 million pixels
  • Total Pixels: Approximately 53 million pixels
  • Aspect Ratio: 3: 2
  • Lowpass filter: low pass filter effects disabled
  • Sensor Cleaning: EOS integrated cleaning system
  • Colour Filter Type: Primary Colour
  • Type: Dual DIGIC 6
  • Lens Mount: EF (except EF-S models / EF-M)
  • Focal Length: Equal to that of the objective
  • Type: TTL-CT-SIR with a CMOS sensor dedicated
  • System / collimators AF: 61-point / 41 cross-type AF f / 4, 5 of type double collimators cross f / 2.8 and 1 type of collimator crossover f /
  • The number of cross-type AF points AF varies depending on the lens.
  • Case Material: Body magnesium alloy case
  • Operating environment: 0 to 40 ° C, 85% humidity Max
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 152 × 116.4 × 76.4 mm
  • Weight (body only): Approximately 845 g
Camera Mount Canon EF
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Professional SLR with 50.6 megapixels, 61 AF points

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