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Zoom Grip for Sony PMW-EX1

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ZOE-EX Bebob - Zoom Grip for Sony PMW-EX1

The Zoe-Ex zoom grip features stepless zoom speed adjustment with improved characteristics. Record Start/Stop and Return functions remain integrated.

Zoe-Ex features:

  • Stepless zoom speed adjustment
  • Recorder Start/Stop button
  • Return function
  • 5-year warranty 

 The design was adjusted to the existing Zoe line with all the advantages associated with the proven housing: improved protection of the speed wheels, plus more ergonomic rocker switch and operating buttons.

The special shape of the rocker switch allows you to position your thumb in three different places: middle, right or left. This enables everyone to find a precise, comfortable working position. The housing is made of fiberglass-reinforced polyamide, which makes it virtually unbreakable. All of the buttons are protected from rainwater by a plastic protective layer. The operating buttons are made of plastic and stand out from the housing. They are mobile and give a clear feedback whether the respective function was operated or not. The Record button has a different shape than the Return button, which allows easy manipulation without looking.
The shape of the housing protects the speed wheels and avoids damage in the event of side impact to the Zoe.

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Zoe EX
Zoe EX

Zoom Grip for Sony PMW-EX1

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