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Sound recording / mixing

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4MinX 4 pistes - AETA - Sound recording / mixing

With its outstanding qualities 4MinX opens up new production opportunities for the broadcast and media industry: 4MinX is the first fully integrated multi-track digital recorder and mixer. It offers mixing and even recording of 5.1 or 7.1 – both indoor and outdoor.

Use 4MinX as a TV/film sync-sound location recorder; reconfigure it for recording music or for mixing up to four channels. The new lightweight 4MinX allows you to work on location for more than six hours before its standard batteries need recharging.

Version 1.7

User interface

Improved system shutdown procedure – the recorder can be turned off or set to the power saving mode by depressing the Power/ESC button for about 2 seconds.
Ability to safely eject a mounted USB storage.
Ability to "Reset" and "Load current time" in the "Set timecode" window.
New shortcuts to load snapshots can be assigned to the function keys.
New "Pause function" setting to indicate whether a recording can be paused / resumed or not.
Bargraph background turns blue when a recording is paused.


Project name and scene name cannot contain any of the following characters: / : * ? " < > |
Improve the management of the projects; this reduces the time required to finalize a take / recording.
New "Double M/S", "A-Format" and "B-Format" profiles in the "file management" window.

Audio configuration

Support for "B-Format" (in addition to “A-Format”) in audio settings / coupling, in monitoring.  This requires the "soundfield" software option.

Audio files

Correct erroneous timecode information in BWF files when the timecode mode is "Off" / "Undefined" or the frame format is "Undefined".
Ability to update the "Circled" and "Note" metadata afterwards, the iXML chunk of the associated audio files is modified accordingly.
Support for "Double M/S", "A-Format" and "B-Format" in the iXML chunk of the audio files.


Support for two "MIDI control surface" models: nanoKONTROL2 (Korg) and BCF2000 (Behringer).




Technical Highlights

  • 4 Mic/Line inputs
  • 2 stereo line inputs
  • 2 stereo line outputs
  • 2 auxiliary outputs
  • 2 AES3 / AES42 inputs
  • 3 AES3 outputs
  • DSP based mixer
  • Flexible routing
  • Surround sound monitoring module from SoundField (optional)
  • Ambient Time code system (optional)
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4MinX 4 pistes
4MinX 4 pistes

Sound recording / mixing

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