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Wet & Dry Sweeper

Green Clean

Cleaning kit lens (15 mm wide)

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Wet & Dry Sweeper - Green Clean - Optical Cleaning Kit (size : 15mm)

used directly after the application of wet foam in order to loosen dirt dissolved. The material is wound around DuPont the spatula Green Clean and fixed at the same time.

  • very absorbent
  • lint
  • The edges of the canvas refined enable optimal cleaning the corners of sensors
  • A prepreg, fabric cleaning can scratch
  • High requirements of the choice of materials and manufacturing processes ensure professional results!
  • are pre-soaked
  • individually sealed applicators
  • manufactured in accordance with the requirements of clean room.
  • DRY sweeper width: 15 mm

The foam is wet:

  • Grime solvent
  • nontoxic
  • Non-flammable
  • No over-dosing
  • No release of solvent
  • Dissolves stains
  • safe handling
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Wet & Dry Sweeper
Wet & Dry Sweeper
Green Clean

Cleaning kit lens (15 mm wide)

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