First EOS cinema camera with RF mount

  • 4K super 35 mm DGO sensor
  • 4K 120P/4:2:2 10-bit recording
  • Dual-pixel AF CMOS and AF EOS iTR X
  • Dual SD card slots and versatile recording

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EOS-C7 cinema camera with RF mount

The EOS C70 is a new generation EOS Cinema RF-mount camera with a 4K DGO Super 35mm sensor designed to be the gateway from the EOS system to the EOS Cinema system.

RF mount cinema camera

Featuring the RF mount system, the Cinema EOS C70 bridges DILC & Cinema Cameras.
This new RF mount is featured in the EOS C70, and allows filmmakers to also benefit from the amazing optics and high-performance the RF system brings.

Short Back Focus System
Having a shorter flange back distance of approx. 20mm (which is less than half of the distance on DSLR cameras), allows lenses to fit closer to the focal plane of the camera’s sensor. This short back focus not only allows the camera body design to be more compact, but also gives more freedom for the optical system to be utilised for corner-to-corner sharpness.

12-Pin Data Communication System
The RF mount communication system utilises multiple channels dedicated to specific functions; its revolutionary data system enhances lens and camera cooperation and functionality.
Smooth aperture control, broader area AF and improved focus precision, plus highly sophisticated optical correction and improved image stabilisation are the result.

Compact, Lightweight and Reliable

Inspired by other Canon RF mount cameras, the EOS C70 is compact, lightweight and features a variety of customisable controls, allowing you to adapt to any situation.
The EOS C70 features a new design, including a multi-function grip with 3 customisable dials and multi-directional joystick. The camera is built to be a tough and lightweight workhorse, thanks to the carbon fibre polycarbonate body. The compact design also enables it to be comfortably rigged to drones, gimbals, hand-held or shoulder rigs, as well as FPV helmets and vehicles.

Built-in ND filters
The EOS C70 features a newly developed ultra-thin ND filter unit which is optimised for the shorter flange back of the RF mount.
This electronically controlled ND filter system, supports 2/4/6 and an extended 8/10 stops, making it possible to create an image with shallow depth of field, in bright shooting conditions.

Rugged Cold Shoe Mount
The EOS C70 incorporates a rugged cold shoe to mount the handle unit, or as an accessory shoe to attach a variety of accessories such as an external microphone.

Independent chamber ventilation system
The EOS C70 adopts an equivalent independent airflow system found in our higher-end Cinema EOS cameras. This independent ventilation structure is designed to separate the airflow from directly hitting the electronic components. This design also prevents foreign bodies such as water and sand from entering the electrical systems, making the EOS C70 a versatile tool for shooting on location.

Super 35MM sensor

On the DGO sensor, each pixel will read out the image with two different amplification levels, one high and one low, which will then be combined to make a single image. The higher amplification read-out is optimized to capture clean details in darker areas, while the lower amplification read-out is optimized to capture the details in brighter areas. Hence, when combined together at pixel-level accuracy, the details and the qualities on both the highlight, as well as the low light areas will be maintained and enhanced which enables the camera to achieve an impressive higher dynamic range of up to 16+ stops.

Unlike Dual ISO, the benefits of DGO work across a wider ISO range, maximising the dynamic range and image quality regardless of the environment you are shooting in.

The new DGO sensor is also compatible with Dual Pixel AF giving the user greater freedom to achieve the image they desire.

HDR recording support
Enjoy up to 16+ stops of dynamic range when shooting in Canon Log 2, with characteristics close to film, maximising grading flexibility and shadow detail.
Canon Log 3 also provides exceptional dynamic range while offering a more efficient grading workflow and minimising shadow noise.
The EOS C70 also features Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) and Perceptual Quantization (PQ), for internal recording of HDR footage instantly without grading.

Natural and truthful colour science
Canon’s Cinema EOS System is renowned for colour science that produces warm natural skin tones and organic colour. The EOS C70 also has a range of colour matrix settings to match other camera types and models.

LUT support
In addition to Canon’s in-built Cinema EOS lookup tables, import custom 3D LUTs for both viewing on the LCD and internal recording, for even more efficient colour pipeline workflows.

Multiple recording formats

The EOS C70 features dual card slots in the grip to enable slow motion capture and multiple recording formats.
The EOS C70 supports slow motion capture with 4K 120p recording, with Dual Pixel CMOS AF support, as well as audio recording. For even higher frame rates, 2K 180fps is also available in Super16 mode.

Dual Card slots with Multiple recording format support
Dual UHS-II SD card slots enable simultaneous / relay recording of 4K XF-AVC / MP4 files (4:2:2 10-bit). XF-AVC also supports ALL-I and Long-GOP, providing maximum flexibility for your production requirements.
MP4 recording in either HEVC H.265 or H.264 Long-GOP offers alternative recording formats for further flexibility. lenses.

TimeCode input/output connector
The TimeCode input/output connector is located at the bottom of the front panel of the housing. It facilitates synchronisation during multi-camera shooting.
Transfer of video data with/without cable via adapter
A specific Ethernet/Wi-Fi adapter from a third party manufacturer can be used for Ethernet/Wi-Fi or GPS connection. This allows video data transfer via IP streaming or FIP.

  • First EOS Cinema RF-mount camera
  • Sensor DGO 4K Super 35 mm
  • Wide dynamic range with more than 16 slides
  • High frame rate recording up to 120 fps 4K
  • Two SD card slots supporting simultaneous recording and multiple formats
  • Enhanced dual-pixel CMOS autofocus with iTR AF X (Intelligent Recognition and Tracking)
  • Professional I/O terminals
  • Compatible with EF-EOS R 0.71x mount adapter ring for use with Canon EF-mount lenses


  • Camera EOC-C70
  • Microphone holder
  • Removable handle
  • Measuring hook
  • Housing plug
  • Battery BP-A30
  • Battery Charger CG-A20
  • AC-CP200 L power adapter
  • Shoulder Strap SS-1200
  • Hand strap
  • Microphone adapter
Recording SupportSD Cards
Poids1 620g
Lens MountCanon RF
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First EOS cinema camera with RF mount 4K super 35 mm DGO sensor 4K 120P/4:2:2 10-bit recording Dual-pixel AF CMOS and AF EOS iTR X Dual SD card slots and versatile recording

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