From now on, find a wide range of URSA STRAPS products. Allowing to camouflage tie microphones, HF transmitter for a maximum comfort.

  • Belts (different sizes and pocket sizes).
  • Pockets (different sizes) to attach a transmitter.
  • Chest straps (different sizes/colors).
  • Back straps (different sizes/colors).
  • Garters (different sizes/colors).
  • Calf straps (different sizes/colors).
  • Shorty (different sizes/colors).
  • Soft Circles kits (white, black and flesh) to camouflage micro ties.
  • Large Soft Circles kits to camouflage micro ties.
  • Plush Circles Kits (white, black and flesh) to camouflage micro ties.
  • Fur Circles Kits (white, black and flesh) for camouflage of micro ties and reduction of wind noise and clothing friction.
  • Flexible strips with different sizes to reduce the friction of clothing and camouflage the microphones.
  • Mini mounts for different microphones to be placed where larger mounts can't go (different colors)
  • Mask clips to take the pressure off the back of your ears.
  • Foamies pockets that grip and cushion the mic to create a noise-free zone.
  • Furry patch that offers wind protection and helps reduce noise from clothing if applied between layers.