Advanced III range

A wide range completely redesigned for all photographers

Manfrotto's stylish and functional Advanced bag collection is being revisited and expanded in 2021.

The backpacks and wheeled case designed for urban photographers provide unparalleled protection for equipment in a variety of configurations. Take your gear with you wherever you go.

  • Unparalleled protection - The new M-GUARD™ protection system: offers remarkable shock absorption while remaining slim.
  • Carry your ideal kit - Each bag offers a different capacity for carrying gear and belongings. Choose a bag that holds your gear and clothes or a compact production studio that goes everywhere with you.
  • Walk without tiring: The padded 3D back panel, chest strap and lightweight materials keep the bag comfortable even over long periods of time.

And the shoulder bags, cases and messenger bags have several new features designed for urban photographers. They protect equipment, accessories and personal belongings.

  • Unparalleled equipment protection - The new M-GUARD™ protection system offers remarkable shock absorption while remaining thin.
  • Re-engineered design: For the latest hybrid cameras.
  • High performance: Thanks to lightweight materials

The new Advanced III range is defined by 4 pillars

  • M-GUARD™ Protection System

Made of high-density EVA foam for outstanding shock absorption while remaining thin

  • Harmonised design

The new Advanced design represents Manfrotto's DNA and remains consistent across all photo bags.

  • Comfortable 3d padded back panel

Thermoformed and padded 3D back panel improves comfort while offering performance and lightness

  • Quick release tripod technology

Ideal for Manfrotto and JOBY tripods ranging from mini tripods to larger models like the Befree GT

M-GUARD™ New Protection System

All of Manfrotto's new camera bags have one common goal: to ensure unparalleled protection of camera equipment in all situations. With the aim of optimising equipment protection, Manfrotto has developed the M-Guard™ protection system, whose shock and vibration resistance characteristics have been designed and laboratory tested to ensure the highest protection at exposed areas.

The M-Guard™ dividers are made of high-density EVA foam to provide outstanding shock absorption while remaining thin. Custom folding patterns ensure the highest versatility to protect camera equipment while optimizing space utilization.