Fast Twisting Lock Technology

Our unique Twist locking mechanism means you can set up your tripod in one easy move. When we designed the FAST Tripod, we wanted to combine three things: speed, stability, and ease of use. This technology ensures our tripods deliver on all three criteria. It takes seconds to set up your tripod, the additional M-Lock and brace ensure stability even on uneven terrain, and the tripod can be adjusted and locked with a simple twisting motion. Go from maximum to minimum operating heights in seconds, so that you can capture that fleeting sunset or keep to your shoot timetable without spending precious minutes setting up.

Fast Lever Lock Technology

The extra M-lock guarantees enhanced leg stiffness, ensuring perfect operation even in rainy or sandy environments. The closure mechanism consists of mechanically machined components, which ensures their flawless coupling precision. The speed with which the tripod can be locked and unlocked makes it extremely versatile: users can get from maximum to minimum operating heights in just a few seconds. They can also enjoy the same speed when opening and closing the tripod.