Inear earphones, for your discreet and quality feedback

Although the quality and technology remain the same at the highest level, the models also impress with their innovative design.

  • The LivePro series is the molded version of the Earmonitor and is custom made using 3D technology, with a wide variety of styles and colors. The LivePro line is the molded version of the Earmonitor. LivePro is custom made with 3D technology

  • The diver stage range has been developed to fit almost any ear, and look like custom systems.
    The housing base was designed based on a mix of over 500 different ear scans. Several prototypes were made and tested on customers to find the perfect fit so the Ear-Monitor would not move.
    At the end of the development cycle, Inear created a model that fits almost perfectly to the anatomy of the ear

  • The Prophile range has absolute clarity in all frequencies, the most accurate transmission, the lowest bass and the most crystal clear highs, making the PP8 the absolute top level reference product.

These three ranges allow a perfect sound quality obtained with high-end drivers and speakers and eliminate the surrounding noise up to 26dB.