Magic Motor 1


Magic Motor for Slider E-Image ES70 ES80 ES120 ES150 ES220

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MAGIC-MOTOR-1 E-Image - Motor  with adaptater MP01 to fit EImage sliders ES70 ES80 ES120 ES150 and ES220

  • The EIMAGE MAGIC MOTOR SYSTEMS are ideal designed for professional filmmakers and photographers to take dynamic videos.
  • It provides trace-record, time-lapse, stop-motion functions, and all of them are controlled by APP, which is very easy and convenient to operate it.
  • It features precise and extremely stable movement because of the inner special motor.
  • With its compact and innovative structure, It is light-weight and easy to set up in 5 minutes without any tool.
  • app Android here
  • app Apple here
  • The motor also could match with other sliders , such as Ifootage, Varavon, Konava, what need to do is just change the adapter plate.
  • motor precisionis 0.0001m.
  • Max.speed range: 0.01mm/s-200mm/s
  • Make sure the camera could get perfectly steady shooting effect in any modes
  • Wide volatage:12-24V
  • Current:more than 3A
  • DC current could be used in indoor and long shooting
  • High-intensive Athena
  • Max.remote control distance up to 20m
  • "Speed and direction" button provides preview of your shooting
  • Wireless shutter with various cable releases could work with most of popular cameras in the market,even new quick action,no delay.
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Magic Motor 1
Magic Motor 1

Magic Motor for Slider E-Image ES70 ES80 ES120 ES150 ES220

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