carrying case for Audio Equipment

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SN601 - Sachtler - Deca Bag Eargonizer - Small

Deca sound gear carrying case is optimally designed to transport your equipment and accessories comfortably and securely, and keep them safe, organized, and accessible on the job. Compatible with most mixers including: Shure FP-33A, Wendt X3, Wendt X4, SQN, Sound Devices SD-442, SD-302, Audio Development etc.

Items Included:

  • 1x padded adjustable shoulder strap
  • 2x expandable snap-on pouches
  • 1x transparent top window
  • 2x exterior straps for carrying a boom pole and extra cables
  • 1x long divider
  • 4x U-shaped straps of hook and loop material
  • 2x long bottom pillows
  • 1x detachable padded U-shaped divider to hold mixer
  • 1x transparent connectors holder
  • 1x small divider
  • 2x small connecting hooks
  • 2x metal rings and straps of hook and loop material to secure the mixer in place

Product Dimensions:

  • INTERNALL 28.5    W 13    H 23
  • EXTERNALL 40    W 22    H 23    
  • WEIGHT  2.1kg
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carrying case for Audio Equipment

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