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Tiffen filter - UV protector 43 mm

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43UVP Tiffen filter - UV protector 43 mm

Filter Format:  Screw-In

Descriptions : 

UV Protector :
Protects your camera or camcorder lens against dust, moisture, fingerprints, scratches and damage. This filter can be kept on your camera at all times.

  • Most popular protection filters
  • Provides basic reduction of UV light
  • Available for Wide Angle

The Tiffen 43 mm UV Protector Filter is a wise initial investment. It can help protect your valuable investment from dust, moisture and scratches, which can lead to costly repairs. A UV filter not only minimizes the bluish cast sometimes found under daylight conditions, but is also the best available protection against accidental damage to the front element of your lens.

A UV filter is the best available protection for the front element of your lens. A lens that accidentally gets dropped on its front element while hiking can potentially be saved by purchasing this item. Some people refer to them as "cheap insurance".

Aside from that more-than-significant benefit, UV filters cut through some of the haze in the atmosphere rendering your photos clearer, sharper and more contrasty. For those who enjoy outdoor photography, especially distant vistas, a UV filter can produce a more distinct image by removing much of the blue tint normally associated with atmospheric haze.

A UV Protector is probably the most popular UV filter people use. As a lens protector, it should be left on at all times to guard against front element damage but also adds the benefit of rendering your images clearer.

Tiffen, a leader in the filter industry, proudly makes its filters in the USA and backs up its products with a solid 10-year warranty.

• Eliminates some of the Ultraviolet (UV) light which can register on film and videotape as a bluish cast that can obscure distant details
• If desired, it can be left on the lens at all times for protection
• Especially valuable as a general lens protector
• Guards against fingerprints and scratches to the front element of your lens

Specifications :

  • Type : UV Protector
  • Size : 43mm, 5mm thick
  • Effect :
    • Reduces excessive blue
    • Cuts through haze and can improve image clarity
    • Protects front element of lens 
  • Application :  Helpful when photographing mountain and marine scenes, where increased haze threatens to make your photographs indistinct in color and clarity 
  • Color Temperature :  No change 
  • Construction :  ColorCore Glass 
  • Front Filter Thread Size : 
    • 43mm 
    • Pitch Thread = 0.75
  • Front Lens Cap Size :  58mm


Filter Size mm 43