SS 02 épaule support V-Lock


Shoulder Support with V-lock, V2

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SS-02 Lanparte - Shoulder Support with V-lock, V2

The SS-02 is the latest shoulder pad of lanparte, which has a v mount lock on the top of it. With this kind of design, cameraman can mount the baseplate with v lock on it or mount it at the back of the rig

In times of rapid innovation on the camera market it is hard to predict what you will be shooting on in let's say six month. The Lanparte Wedge-Style Shoulder Pad revolutionizes the Sony-VCT 14 locking machanism in order to give you more flexibility with your set up. Instead of connecting baseplate and shoulder pad with rods it allows you to mount your camera directly on top of the shoulder pad. 

Caractéristiques techniques:

  • Film industry 15mm standard
  • The V mount on the top of the shoulder pad                                                     
  • Cameraman can choose to mount the shoulder pad at the back of the baseplate or under the baseplate, this conbination fit either heavy or lightweight camera.
  • VCT-14 stlye lock mechanisum on top
  • Combine with Lanparte V-Lock style baseplate
  • 15mm rod support
  • Durable CNC manufacturing
  • Weight-economic cut-out design
  • combine Lanparte Wedge-Style Shoulder Pad with Lanparte V-Mount Baseplate
  • Fully rigged-up with Baseplate and Shoulder Pad in Camcorder Style
  • Fully rigged-up with Baseplate and Shoulder Pad in DSLR Style